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What is P90X?

An at-home workout solution that works

for everyone

Since 2005, Super Trainer Tony Horton’s revolutionary workout program
has helped thousands of people—from beginners to professional
athletes—on their journey to get stronger and healthier than ever.
Today, P90X remains one of the world’s top fitness programs.

Why? Because people are tired of so-so results. They want P90X

Lean-muscle Sculpting

Lean-Muscle Sculpting

P90X is the home workout that can help you completely change your body

Exciting and Entertaining

Exciting And Entertaining

Tony's fun, motivational style helps you "Bring It" every day.

Anyone Can Do It

Anyone Can Do It

Every move can be modified to your fitness level.

Fast Results Icon

Fast Results

You can see a real change in your body after just one week.

Every kind of workout for any level

Beginners, experts, and every stop along the way. Dance, cardio, strength, yoga. If there's a workout you need or want, we've got it.

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For Beginners Only

Work Out At Home

Workouts are fun, effective, and every move can be modified to your fitness level.

For Beginners Only

Follow The Meal Plan

Designed to help you lose fat, build lean muscle, and maintain high energy levels through each part of the program.

For Beginners Only

See Amazing Results

With a combination of challenging P90X workouts, top-notch nutrition, and inspiring mindset content, you’ll see positive changes inside and out.

For Beginners Only

Come Back For More

P90X’s 90-day program is just the beginning, because healthy living is more than just one workout or just one program.

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In addition to P90X, you get unlimited access to ALL of BODi’s 1,200+ proven workouts, hundreds of programs led by world-renowned Super Trainers, 2 healthy eating plans, and hours of mindset content, so you can develop your entire self. We’ve helped millions of people change their lives for the better, and we can help you, too!

On BODi, we have all kinds of workouts, from cardio to HIIT, resistance training, strength building, yoga, dance, Pilates, and more. No matter your age or fitness level, BODi has something for you.

PLUS, get access to powerful fitness, nutrition, and mindset content

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Workouts for every fitness level

When you’re done with P90X, try BODi Blocks: 3 weeks, 5 workouts a week, followed by an UP Week to recover and reset. Or try any of our 100+ results-proven fitness programs.


Ditch the diets

We’ll help you see food differently and love every bite. Feel great fast with simple eating plans, over 1,000 delicious recipes, and even a gourmet superfood dessert.

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Make your mind strong too

Build a positive mindset and recharge your body with restorative yoga workouts, mindful meditations, and soothing sound baths.

Watch anywhere

Everything you need is right here. From your living room to a hotel room, you can take BODi with you anywhere you go.

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Get absolutely ripped in 90 days!

Buy For Half Price
at $59.95