Fitness Experts Tell A Friend

Steve Edwards, Director of Results/Fitness Advisor

Steve Edwards

A nationally recognized fitness expert, Steve has overseen fitness and diet programme development for Beachbody, as well as its educational outlets, since 2001. Prior to this he was a fitness trainer, fitness columnist, magazine editor, and athletics coach for 14 years. He's coached and trained thousands of individuals, from the ill and obese to professional athletes. He did his undergraduate work at UCLA and holds advanced certifications in sports conditioning, performance nutrition, fitness therapy, and fitness training. He's written hundreds of articles about fitness and nutrition that have appeared in more than 30 national publications. He's also written and directed two films and written two books on rock climbing.

Steve serves as the Beachbody "white mouse," a nickname he received by personally testing supplements, training, and dietary theories on himself. Active in athletics his entire life, he is a two-sport intercollegiate letterman who still races bicycles (road and mountain), competes in multi-sport events, adventure races, and ultra-marathons. An expert rock climber, he has pioneered more than 500 new routes and climbed in 30 countries. Most famously, he tests the physical limits of his body as it ages, à la his hero Jack LaLanne, in rigorous birthday challenges that combine many physical disciplines. The goal of these challenges, in his words, is "to test the limits of human body and push it beyond what experts consider possible, especially as we age."

Steve has turned his passion into his job and won't be satisfied until there is no longer an obesity epidemic. He is currently working on two books about nutrition and the aging athlete.

Tony Horton, Fitness Expert

Tony Horton

Meet Tony Horton, the Master of Motivation behind P90X®, the #1 fitness infomercial in America. If you want to improve your health, physique, and lifestyle, then you want Tony. Over the last 17 years, Tony has acquired and perfected his fitness expertise, which he's shared with countless individuals across the country. From professional athletes, sports teams, movie stars, and recording artists to the everyday Joe and Jane, Tony has helped people turn their lives around with the perfect mix of encouragement, humor, discipline, and fun. His expertise includes post-rehabilitation training, advanced stretching, yoga, weight/resistance training, cardiovascular/aerobic training, boxing, and kickboxing, plus circuit, cross, and interval training. Aside from his powerful programmes with Beachbody and operating ASH Fitness, a state-of-the-art training facility in Santa Monica, California, Tony hosts a minimum of three fitness camps per year, where he personally helps people meet their goals. He is in the process of writing his first book and is in discussions to star in his first reality show. Tony has been featured in various national publications, like Men's Fitness, Fitness, People, LA HEALTH, and Self, and has made multiple appearances on national television, including CNN, NBC, and CBS. His training techniques have produced amazing results for celebrities like Grammy-winning rock goddess Sheryl Crow, Without a Trace's Poppy Montgomery and Roselyn Sanchez, former New York Giant Carl Banks, and current Philadelphia Eagle David Akers, who credits the P90X Extreme Home Fitness programme with helping him set the NFL record for most consecutive post-season field goals this year. With a whopping $200 million in sales and an extremely impressive library of fitness programmes, like the highly acclaimed P90X, Power 90®, P90X One on One, Power Half Hour®, Tony & the Kids! (for kids ages 5 to 12), Tony & the Folks! (for senior citizens), and Great Body Guaranteed!™, this East Coast native incorporates his personal training experience and engaging personality to get people of all ages moving and digging deep to get their best results. His most recent time-saving program, 10-Minute Trainer®, is a breakthrough programme for the busiest people, featuring 10-minute workouts that are short on time but long on results. BRING IT, Tony!

Denis Faye, Wellness Expert

Denis Faye

Formerly "weight challenged," Denis dropped 50 pounds following a 5-year jaunt through Australia, a trip that helped him become the extreme sports and fitness enthusiast he is today. He's been a professional journalist for 17 years, writing on sports and fitness for Outside, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Wired, Men's Health, Men's Journal, GQ,, Surfer, and Pacific Longboarder. A pescatarian (fish-eating vegetarian) for the last 12 years, Denis credits his French heritage with giving him a natural edge in the kitchen, where his forte is turning traditionally fattening recipes into healthy culinary delights. His sports include swimming, scuba, rock climbing, spelunking, mountain biking, trekking, and—most important—surfing.

Brett Hoebel, Fitness Expert

Brett Hoebel

Known as "El Capitan" and "The Dues Collector," Brett is a sought-after fitness, strength, and nutrition expert in both New York and Los Angeles, with a background in biomedical science and the Afro-Brazilian martial art known as capoeira. In the fitness industry for over 15 years, Brett has helped shape up some of Hollywood's finest physiques and traveled the globe presenting his programmes. He was the cohost of Fit Family on Discovery's FitTV, and has appeared on The View, Good Morning America, Fox News, and the WB Morning Show. Brett is also a recurring fitness expert for many top-tier magazines including Vogue, Allure, Elle, Shape and Self, while his signature exercise programmes have twice earned "Best of New York" awards from New York Magazine.

Chalene Johnson, Fitness Expert

Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson started studying dance and martial arts at age 3. She continued training in tae kwon do, dance, and aerobics while a student at Michigan State University. After moving to California in the early '90s, she created a group exercise class that combined the sexiness of dance, the hip feel of funk, and the power and strength of kickboxing. Soon Chalene was teaching other instructors how to deliver her unique brand of fitness, and in 1998 Turbo Jam® was born! Chalene's company, Powder Blue Productions, trains and certifies instructors to teach Turbo Jam. Today the programme is featured at over 2,000 health clubs and fitness chains in the U.S. and in countries across the globe.

Gillian Marloth Clark & Teigh McDonough, Fitness Experts

Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough

For more than a decade, Gillian Marloth Clark has dedicated herself to helping others achieve physical wellness through movement by focusing on the body, mind, and spirit. Clark was a favorite instructor at Crunch gyms in New York and Los Angeles, as well as New York Sports Clubs, Tribeca Workout, Barry's Bootcamp, Total Fitness, and more. She now owns Swerve, a movement studio in Los Angeles, with business partner and dear friend, Teigh McDonough. Gillian just released her brand-new Pure & Simple Yoga workout.

Teigh McDonough has a passion for the art of movement. For more than 15 years she has studied everything from jazz, funk, hip-hop, ballet and modern dance to kundalini, hatha, and power yoga and has worked as a professional dancer, choreographer, fitness instructor, and personal trainer both in Chicago and California. Bringing this passion, her dance expertise, and charismatic teaching style to the classroom, she helps students transform themselves, "freeing the funky ballerina within" through the joy and expression of movement. McDonough recently created Yoga Booty Ballet® Baby On the Way, a workout for mothers-to-be and their Yoga Booty babies.

Debbie Siebers, Fitness Expert

Debbie Siebers

Over the years, Debbie Siebers has developed and perfected a host of challenging exercise routines that target specific problem areas of the body. She began her fitness career as a personal trainer for Body by Jake® and has served as a consultant for fitness projects that have included Bowflex® and Body Vibe. She has been featured on numerous television networks and programmes, including CNN, E! Entertainment Television, Fit TV, and LIVE with Regis and Kelly. In 1999, Debbie was approached by Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler to create the Thin Thighs Guaranteed!™ video, based on methods she perfected to slim and shrink the trouble spots on her celebrity clients. The popularity of that workout led to the development and marketing of the highly successful Slim in 6® and Slim Series® Beachbody video programmes. In 2004, Slim in 6 was the top fitness programme on TV. Debbie recently released Total Body Solution®, a series of drills to help relieve pain and strain. Debbie is a certified member of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Leandro Carvalho, Fitness Expert

Leandro Carvalho

Lingerie models and supermodels seek out "Brazilian Butt Master" Leandro Carvalho to get their derrieres into runway shape. He created Brazil Butt Lift® to show you how to take your bum from saggy to sexy—fast. Whether your bum is too big, too flat, or even pear-shaped, you'll follow a customized plan to reduce, shape, and lift your behind for a rear view you've only dreamed about. Unlike traditional bum exercises or machines, Leandro's proven TriAngle Training method works your bum from multiple angles. Enjoy sizzling Brazilian dance, heart-pumping cardio, and signature lower-body sculpting moves that reduce your hips, slim your thighs, and help you shape the best bum of your life. You even get TriAngle Training workout cards, a fat-burning food guide, a booty resistance band, and a 6-day supermodel slimdown plan to boost your results. You have no excuse not to work your bum off.

Kathy Smith, Health and Wellness Leader

Kathy Smith

For more than twenty years, Kathy Smith has stood at the forefront of the fitness industry, with a collection of best-selling books and DVDs covering topics from yoga and menopause to weightlifting and Pilates. She has developed and sold more than $500 million in lifestyle and nutrition products, infomercials, and fitness equipment. She regularly shares her expertise with countless media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, the Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Larry King Live. She serves on the Board of the Women's Sports Foundation and the University of Southern California's School of Gerontology. A member of the Video Hall of Fame, Kathy received the Lifetime Achievement Award from IDEA, the world's largest professional fitness organization, and gave this year's Keynote address at Can-Fit-Pro, North America's largest health and wellness conference. Kathy's brand continues to reach an international audience–she sported the "milk mustache" for a multimedia "Got Milk?" campaign and also lent her likeness to millions of Special K cereal boxes.

Kathy contributes to a number of health-related causes on a local and national level. Her latest project is an alliance with the American Diabetes Association, Beachbody, and Team Beachbody to launch the complete nutrition and exercise programme Kathy Smith's Project:YOU! Type 2®. Studies have shown that people with pre-diabetes can prevent or delay the development of type 2 diabetes through changes to their lifestyle that include weight loss and regular physical activity. With the help of nutritionists, certified diabetes educators, physicians, and the American Diabetes Association, Kathy has created a simple but effective programme to help people manage type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. She is determined to make a huge impact in reducing the amount of people affected by the disease and help those with the disease fight back and regain control of their lives. For Kathy, this is just the beginning!

Shaun Thompson, Fitness Expert

Shaun Thompson

Shaun T is a native of New Jersey who trained at Rowan University, where he received his B.S. in Sports Science with a minor in Theater/Dance. Shaun has danced in theater, TV, commercials, and movies, including The Ten Commandments, Pippin, Applause, Six Feet Under, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Artists he has worked with include Mariah Carey, Nick and Aaron Carter, Elephant Man, Angie Stone, and Deborah Cox. He has taught at many fitness and dance centers around Los Angeles. For the Beachbody programme Kathy Smith's Project:YOU®, he choreographed eight instructional videos. Inspired by this experience, Shaun created Hip Hop Abs®, a dance-based cardio programme specifically designed to tone and define the abs and core. His collaboration with Beachbody has continued with Shaun T's Dance Party Series®, Get Real with Shaun T™, Shaun T's Fit Kids® Club, Rockin' Body®, and his latest project, the extreme new workout INSANITY®. Shaun T currently lives in New York.

Chad Waterbury, Neurophysiologist

Chad Waterbury

Chad Waterbury is a neurophysiologist and author whose unique training methods are used by a wide range of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. He holds a master's degree in physiology from the University of Arizona. His focus on the neurophysiology of human movement and performance led him to create novel training programmes for relieving joint pain, including Total Body Solution®, which he developed with Debbie Siebers. His exercise-based approach corrects muscular strength imbalances and restores joint mobility so people can return to a pain-free life.

Sara Ryba, Registered Dietitian/Certified Nutritionist

Sara Ryba

Sara Ryba, a registered dietitian and a certified nutritionist, has been changing the way people think about food and feel about their bodies for the past 15 years. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition science and her ability to help and motivate combine to create a service that is both highly effective and inspirational.

Sara has trained extensively in nutrition sciences, both in academic and clinical care settings. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Penn State University and went on to pursue a graduate degree at Cornell Medical Center. Sara spent her first few years working in hospitals, counseling patients with diverse medical backgrounds. She then became Nutrition Director of Miavita, an online health and wellness company, where she was responsible for developing nutrition and healthy lifestyle programmes. In addition to creating a multitude of healthy lifestyle and nutrition programmes, Sara currently has a private practice, focusing mainly on fitness and weight management.