Brazil Butt Lift Workout Programme

Get supermodel sexy in 60 days

You know that look?

The one you used to get all the time?

Worried that it's gone forever?

Well, what if there were a super-focused, hardcore workout programme—plus an easy-to-follow meal plan—designed specifically to whip your booty into shape—and get you back to turning heads?

REAL women. REAL results. In just 60 days. Really.

19 lbs.
—Marla R.
"My butt is cute, high, tight, firm. I could be a Bond girl now."
†Results vary depending on starting point,
goals, and effort.
—Vanessa M.
"As soon as I started Brazil Butt Lift, I felt something—pain in places I hadn't felt before like my butt, stomach, and thighs. Now when I look in the mirror, I have the butt that I've always wanted."
24 lbs.
†Results vary depending on starting point,
goals, and effort.

Introducing the
Brazil Butt Lift® workout programme

It's not your genes. It's not your build. It's not even your fault.

Reshaping the booty—lifting it, firming it, and rounding it—is now possible when you follow Leandro's strategic, targeted sculpting routines and nutrition plan.

You'll feel the burn, but you'll be having so much fun, you'll forget you're working your butt off!

It isn't magic, or a gimmick.'s a secret that supermodels have been using for years.

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Watch how Leandro's intense moves target your butt from every angle.

But you don't have to be a supermodel or starve yourself to get the booty of your dreams. Keep reading to find out why...

—Fernanda S.
"Leandro really understands a woman's body. My butt lifted an inch and I ended up losing 20 pounds."
20 lbs.
†Results vary depending on starting point,
goals, and effort.
15 lbs.
—Lillian F.
"I've got definition in my butt now that I've never had."
†Results vary depending on starting point,
goals, and effort.
9 lbs.
—Angie C.
"I've seen the Brazil Butt Lift infomercial and [there was part of me that] didn't really believe the results. My butt actually lifted an inch. Here's my booty. And it used to be like down here and now it's completely lifted."
†Results vary depending on starting point,
goals, and effort.

Here's why every other workout has let your butt down.

Check out Leandro's secret to a tighter tush
in just 60 days
(or your money back!):

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Want to shape a bikini booty that turns heads? Watch this.

Done stairs,
but STILL nobody stares?

Okay, you've starved yourself, done a million squats, and climbed more stairs that you can count. But you still don't have the supermodel Brazilian booty you always wanted.

Most people think that the butt is just one muscle. But it's not. It's three muscles—the gluteus medius, maximus, and minimus. And Leandro Carvalho knows how to work it. That's why his million-selling Brazil Butt Lift programme is GUARANTEED to get your booty bikini-ready in just 60 days or your money back.


With Leandro's PROVEN TriAngle Training breakthrough, Brazil Butt Lift helps you hit these three critical muscles from every angle with strategic exercises drawn from ballet, capoeira, and Afro-Brazilian dance. The result? You get the tight, lifted booty you can't wait to show off!

So get ready to unpack your saddlebags, and sculpt a Brazil Butt Lift booty sure to turn heads.

24 lbs.
—Paula M.
"Cellulite has always been my biggest issue. And with this, in 60 days, it's basically invisible. It's like they grabbed a little magic eraser and erased all that cellulite. The last time I looked like this I was 15."
†Results vary depending on starting point,
goals, and effort.
18 lbs.
—Jennifer T.
"I lost 5 inches off my waist, lifted my butt an inch, and lost 18 pounds. Sometimes I find myself putting my hands on my butt just to feel it..."
†Results vary depending on starting point,
goals, and effort.

Hot buns are made in the kitchen—and we give YOU the recipe!

Eating healthy, fresh food is crucial to your total body—and booty—transformation. That's why the Brazil Butt Lift programme includes a comprehensive, customisable Bootylicious Meal Plan that outlines exactly what to eat to build lean muscle.

This easy-to-follow meal plan, based on your body's caloric needs, includes a host of zesty, Brazilian-inspired recipes and snacks that'll make your taste buds tingle and your booty sizzle.

Ready to finally get the high, tight, curvy booty you've always wanted?

Brazil Butt Lift gives you everything you need!

Lift your butt with 6 hot workouts

  • Basics:

    Learn Leandro's butt-lifting moves and techniques. (20 minutes)

  • Bum Bum:

    Sculpt your butt and blast fat with lower-body moves. (35 minutes)

  • High & Tight:

    Take your butt to new heights! (35 minutes)

  • Sculpt:

    Tighten and tone your muscles from head to toe. (50 minutes)

  • Cardio Axe:

    Dance away fat with this cardio-blasting workout. (30 minutes)

  • Tummy Tuck:

    Get flat, sexy abs in no time! (20 minutes)

A customised Meal Plan...
  • Bootylicious Meal Plan: Slim down with this easy-to-follow meal plan, tailored to your taste buds—and your body.

PlusThese Butt-bustin' tools

  • Booty Makeover Guide:

    Determine your butt type and find the best workout strategy to transform your bum bum.

  • Booty Makeover Calendar:

    Schedule workouts for lifting YOUR butt type.

  • TriAngle Training Workout Cards:

    Use them to work out on the go.

  • Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure:

    Track your sexy progress.

Plus Click now and we'll
add 4 free bonus gifts:

  • Bonus gift #1

    6-Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan:

    Jumpstart your results and get a divine behind.
  • Bonus gift #2

    Bum Bum Rapido Workout:

    Short on time? Lift your butt—fast. (10 minutes)
  • Bonus gift #3

    Strength Band:*

    Add resistance to accelerate your booty firming.
  • Bonus gift #4

    FREE Online Support:

    Get support from experts and peers, and keep track of your progress.

We're talking a £200+ value for all the workouts, easy-to-follow meal plan, and training tools...

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Picture your sexy
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in shorts like these...

Send your "before" and "after" photos and we'll send you these barely-there bum bum shorts so you can turn heads with your cutie booty.

How to submit your "before" and "after" photos

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Imagine feeling so sexy you can wear everything. Or barely anything at all.

This isn't a fantasy. It's your chance to take charge, and FINALLY get a high, round, sexy booty like the ones you see here.

So in just 60 days, that can be YOU—strutting your stuff with confidence, and LOVING what you see every time you look in the mirror…or catching somebody checking YOU out.

Think that's worth getting off your butt for?

5 lbs.
†Results vary depending on starting point,
goals, and effort.

Can you?

We're talking a £200+ value for all the workouts, easy-to-follow meal plan, and training tools. It's a steal!

Yes i'm ready to lift my booty

CLICK NOW and you'll get Leandro's Brazil Butt Lift workout programme For only 1 payment of £19.95 (+£6.95 p&p)