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Yes! I want my best body in 30 days!

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Shaun T

Success Stories

DAY 1 DAY 30

Kat H.

"I love that I'm actually doing the same moves as the pro athletes!"

Scott B.

"Because I committed to THE ASYLUM, my abs have come out of hiding after many years."

Shannon L.

"I wanted to get cut, lean and look like an athlete. THE ASYLUM did it for me."

Taryn D.

"I look and feel like an athlete now."

Brian N.

"Thanks to THE ASYLUM, I'm at the peak of my game. Now I'm in the best shape of my life."

Kamal J.

"THE ASYLUM kept me totally engaged the whole time!"

Allie E.

"THE ASYLUM makes me feel like I'm back in college playing Division 1 tennis. What an amazing feeling!"

Robert D.

"After THE ASYLUM, I'm in the best, most ripped shape of my life. And I'm 51 years old."

Tremayne W.

"I'm in better shape now than I was when I was 20 years old."

Lance W.

"When you train like an elite athlete, you get elite results."

Brendan M.

"I had always been heavy—but THE ASYLUM changed my life."

Bobby B.

"I reduced my body fat from 12% to 7% and can now run faster and jump higher."

Robbie B.

"My goal was to see more muscle definition, and THE ASYLUM made that happen."

Shawn F.

"THE ASYLUM took me to the next level—I now have a six-pack and am in the best shape of my life."

Lauren L.

"In 30 days I shaved over a minute off my 5K race time WITHOUT any other training."

Kimberly A.

"The main goal I had with THE ASYLUM was to get ripped abs. And I did :)"

Amy M.

"With THE ASYLUM, I had so much fun AND I got great results!"

Lori S.

"I decreased my marathon time training only with THE ASYLUM!"

Enrique O.

"To put it simply, THE ASYLUM is a GAME CHANGER!"

Todd M.

"I love THE ASYLUM! I now run circles around guys 10 years younger than me!"

Andrew A.

"I have abs now...I've never had abs!"

Terrell R.

"THE ASYLUM made me feel that I reached the pinnacle of my fitness."

†Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

THE ASYLUM...You're just 30 days fromyour best body ever!

You may have thought it would take months to start seeing results! But that's all changed. THE ASYLUM brings pro athlete training right into your living room, so you get the body you've always wanted—in the shortest time possible.
— Shaun T

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Why It Works

Get the same results as you could working out months or even years—now in only 30 days! By training inside the Athletic Matrix.

THE ASYLUM is state-of-the-art training that was once reserved for only top-tier athletes at Olympic training centers and exclusive sports performance labs.

But now former track star Shaun T takes you through THE ASYLUM's Athletic Matrix—a programme of dynamic multidirectional exercises, based on the actual movement patterns of pro athletes, that takes your body from average to elite in just 30 days—right in your own home!

What You Get

All you need is 30 days and THE ASYLUM.

6 Pro-Level Workouts
  • Speed & Agility Train your body to become fast, fluid, and agile with these intense, fat-burning cardio drills.(45 minutes)
  • Vertical Plyo Develop the lower-body explosiveness you need to get serious "air" on your vertical jumps.(40 minutes)
  • Relief Increase flexibility and promote long, lean muscle development with this athletic stretch session.(25 minutes)
  • Strength Power out your strongest physique with these championship resistance-training sequences.(50 minutes)
  • Game Day Improve your athletic skills and game day performance so you'll be "in it to win it" every time.(60 minutes)
  • Back to Core Chisel a powerhouse back and core for the rock-solid foundation you'll need to blow past your limits.(25 minutes)
ELITE TRAINING TOOLS that Accelerate Your Results
  • Agility LadderSharpen your form and coordination with this high-quality training secret of the pros.
  • Speed RopeIgnite your foot quickness and build endurance to rocket through drills like the elite.
  • Nutrition PlanSculpt your body and maximise your health by following Shaun's favorite recipes!
  • Workout CalendarStay motivated and get in amazing shape by following this pro training schedule.
  • THE PLAYBOOKGame plan your full 30-day total-body transformation with this step-by-step guide.
Plus 2 Free Gifts
  • ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTMeasure your progress from beginning to end with high-voltage drills that track your every improvement.(25 minutes)
  • OVERTIMEAdd this mini-monster at the end of any Asylum workout to see how much game you've really got!(15 minutes)

Real Athletes of the asylum

Join Team ASYLUM and train like these Pro Athletes:

  • Apolo Ohno—8-time Winter Olympic Medal Winner and 7-time World Cup Champion
  • Evan Valiere—Professional Surfer

Try The Asylum Now!

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Yes! I want my best body in 30 days!

Just 3 monthly payments of £24.95 (+£6.95 p&p)
Or select a single payment option during checkout. 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! (less p&p)

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Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® is an extreme and physically demanding workout. This is NOT for beginners or individuals with any medical condition that may be compromised by extreme cardio and strength exercise. Consult your physician and follow all enclosed safety and other instructions before beginning this program.